Monday, May 18, 2015

~Heavy Hearts~

Saturday afternoon we received a terribly sad phone call from Dick's brother, telling us that little Alex, one of our nephew's 6 week old twins, had passed away suddenly that morning. Earlier that same day we learned that my aunt, the last member of our parents' generation, was in hospice. She died early Sunday morning.

She lived a long, full life and will be sorely missed by our whole family. We never got to meet little Alex but are comforted by the fact that he is now with his great-grandma and great-grandpa whose name he shared.  That same evening we sang with our choir  the choruses of  Handel's Messiah  with heavy hearts, trying to focus on the text as well as the music, and the promise of Christ's Resurrection. May that promise bring peace and comfort to our whole family as well. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Off the Needles and Crazy Busy!

It's been a bit crazy here, and I am very behind in blog reading and posting.  DD#2 is on a business trip, and we've been helping out, our choir is in the last week of preparing for our Messiah concert, and I agreed to sew 10 chair pockets for Jubilee Reach. (6 are done!) And the sun is out which means the garden/yard needs attention. However, I did finish two things, one a new project and the other, a very old one.

This is the last Top This! hat for a while.  Look who sneaked it on while big brother was busy doing a puzzle with Opa. Do you think BB noticed?

Finally, this pair of socks is done. The pattern is Spring Forward and the yarn is Blue Moon Socks that Rock. (Falcons Eye)

And here is Little Miss in HER hat.

When time permits, I'll be finishing up some more socks that are in the WIP pile and will  also try to be a better blogger after our concert is over and the chair pockets are done. Meanwhile, Happy Mom's Day to those of you who are moms!  If you're in the mood to see more knitting, check out Judy's blog.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Off the Needles and Then Some!

Several projects popped off my needles this past week. These are a pair of Jaywalker sock, a fun knit with widely striping yarn.

This hat was delivered to Stella last weekend.  Max's is still on the needles.

A friend's daughter recently had a little girl named Georgia, and these booties are winging their way over to her house.  That pink angora yarn was just waiting in my stash for a reason to hop on the needles.

Alex and Ben are awake and wearing their sneaker booties. Whatever are they thinking/saying? Thanks for the photo, Wendy.

And what do you suppose this critter is searching for?

It's the first time in ages that we've seen a raccoon in our yard.  Haven't seen him since, so he must of found whatever it was!  Have a great week!  And check in with Judy to see what others have on their needles.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Sunny in Seattle!!!

Can you believe it, we've had 3 sunny days in a row, and 2 of them were on the weekend! That, however, has meant that not too much in the way of knitting/stitching or the like has happened here as we've been working in the yard.  I did finish a ruffled scarf for a friend who said she got so frustrated trying to knit one that she threw it away.  It's winging its way to her now, and hopefully she will like it.

Haven't seen this guy since we got back from Chicago. I did chase a bunny today though.

And I am very sad to report that this long-awaited flower lasted less than a week!  It was pretty while it lasted.

And here's another photo of the boys, our new grand nephews.  You can see that they aren't identical a bit better on this one.  Hard to believe they're almost 3 weeks old now!

That's it for now. Happy Wednesday!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Off the Needles, Pair Two and a Hat!

The second pair of booties is done and both are winging their way to the East Coast along with a book for each of the siblings. Hopefully these will fit a bit longer than the small sneaker ones!

Here are the boys! (our newest grand nephews)

The other thing I finished this week was this hat. It's a DMC Top This! kit, and the one Sophia chose for me to make for her.  There are oh so many adorable toppers, and I found the first kit (a bunny, not made yet) at Rainy Day Yarns in Gig Harbor.  The kitty came from Webs.

Our garden contained a very nice surprise this week: the trillium (wake robin) is in full bloom!

Yes, spring is definitely here.  We still have cool nights, but just looking down our street, you can see lots of the signs. Hurrah for spring!

Check out Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting when they aren't out working in their garden.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Serendipity Stitching

Serendipity, that's what it was!  Just before we left for Chicago and Sophia requested that I teach her how to embroider, Susan put a link on her blog to  Hoop-a-Loops ; so I ordered the Lil' Gala kit which arrived in time for me to take along. The kit included everything necessary for the project and was a perfect and simple introduction to straight stitching. Most importantly, Sophia loved doing it. She finished it before we left, and I told her I'd make her a little pillow with it. Here's the stitched apple. The pattern was marked on the fabric with the colors of thread to be used. (All the thread, a needle and hoop were included!)

Then Mom found another piece of fabric (leftover from Halloween costumes).  Sophia had caught on by then and printed her name on the cloth.  Then she chose the colors from the leftover apple thread and stitched her own name.

Here's the front side of the pillow and.....

here's the back.  I hope she likes it!

It's heading off back to Chicago very soon. BTW, I had as much fun as she did! Thanks, Susan!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Travel Knitting Off the Needles!

While we were in Chicago, our family received exciting news: the twins arrived very early on April 2nd and weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 6 lbs. 9 oz.!!! Mama and boys are home doing well, and I am sure they are happy to have Bebob and Nana there helping out.  I was highly motivated to finish these hats and booties and get them mailed before they were too small.

Now I am working on a couple of larger booties that should last a while longer. One pair is done and the other will be exactly like them. The second pair is well under way, and I hope to finish them over the weekend.

My other finish was another short row scarf.  I love that pattern!  This time the yarn is Plymouth's Gina.

No sign of the deer this week, but look what welcomed us home!  Some years ago DS gave me this azalea tree for Mother's Day, and each year it's prettier. (Looks like we need to do some raking, doesn't it?)

Bye, I'm off to make a dessert to take over to the local GKs' house tomorrow. Have a great weekend! And check out Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting.